Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy May 24 Weekend!!

This weekend was the first May 24 that we've have stayed home for in years. After a bunch of travel over the last couple of weeks we thought it would be good to hang out in London and relax for the long weekend. What a great idea that was!!

It is amazing what a weekend of relaxation can do for your mood. It started Thursday for me with a lovely manicure and pedicure. It was great to just sit back and be pampered for an hour. I could definitely use that more often (hint hint Brock). 

Then I came home to this...

Caitlyn flipping me the bird

Yes, that is my daughter giving me the finger. Maybe I had something spicy that she didn't like or perhaps she would have preferred that I had chocolate cake for dinner. Either way I still love her even if she decides to flip me the bird every once and a while.

I headed out to the camper for an afternoon visit. I love being by the lake it is so relaxing and fun. Eventually I'll have my own camper out there but for now really appreciate being able to use my parent's.

I think I might have made it in the bad books this weekend. I wouldn't let anyone wake Caitlyn up when I got there. I just think its best not to wake a sleeping baby, she's in a much better mood when allowed to wake up on her own. Little did I know she would sleep for almost the entire visit.

Luckily she got hungry so Grand-ma got her chance for a little Caitlyn cuddle.

Caitlyn is very lucky to have not just grandparents but great-grandparents as well. Her great-grandma Baribeau really loves her already and also got her turn to cuddle with Caitlyn.

and of course how could we go without a generations picture

4 generations of Baribeau women

Today was Caitlyn's 2 month birthday.  

It started with a nap.

and ended with her first trip to Springbank park

loving the sunglasses

Trying to pose Caitlyn in the tree didn't work out that great. She's so patient with me sometimes.

after we gave up on the tree pose

Brock doing his Dad thing

My brother Shawn and his fiancee Jeannette were with us in the park. Normally these two are too busy annoying each other to take nice pictures. Luckily I was able to capture this one from behind.

ah true love

Overall this weekend was a success. I hope you all also had an amazing long weekend!

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