Monday, May 31, 2010

How many chairs can one kid have?

Looking around my living room this morning I realized just how many chairs Caitlyn has. Each one was a gift and each one serves a great purpose.

From Great-Grandma Baribeau we have the playmat. I use this when Caitlyn is in a quiet but alert mood and also when she's sleepy but I don't want to put her upstairs in her crib to lay down.

We also have the vibrating chair from cousins Deb and Tom. This chair is awesome for our morning play sessions. Caitlyn is at her best in the morning and this is the chair she sits in while I do my best to entertain her and make her laugh.

Speaking of laughing she gave her very first laughs last Friday and Saturday. She loves her rattle that cousin Yolanda gave her before she was even born. I made her laugh by playing with it.

The next chair on the never ending list is a swing that we got last weekend from our friends Ian and Lynn. This swing has been awesome so far. It kept her quiet while I had dinner and it was used this morning while I showered. It is great!!

and last but not least... the bumbo chair. I've just introduced her to it and so far so good. Once she gets just a bit more head control I'm sure she'll be in it all the time. Thanks Grandpa John and Grandma Patty.

Notice how she's always leaning to the right.. not sure what that's about but I'll bet only the smartest babies must do it :)

the shirt says it all

It's a crappy rainy day outside today but with Caitlyn at home with me it's a happy day anyway :)

Have a great one!!

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