Monday, May 10, 2010

My 1st Mother's Day

First of all, happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there. Especially to my mom, step-mom and mother in law, even though I didn't see you all this mother's day you were definitely in my thoughts!

Wow, my first mother's day as a mom. I wanted it to be special, after all it was my first, and boy was it ever! 

Me and my little girl

The day started with Brock feeding Caitlyn a bottle of breast milk that I had prepared just for the occasion and I got to sleep in just a little bit longer which was great!! Then it was coffee in bed and cuddling with my two favorite people. 

Brock brought home a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the most amazing card ever! As I read it I could feel the tears coming but managed to hold them back. It started like this:
I love the life we share. To have you as my wife is a wonderful feeling, but to see you as a mother and to share the experience of being a parent with you makes me happier that I could have ever imagined...

the beautiful mother's day bouquet and card

We spent the day together, our little family, and it was exactly as I had hoped it would be. We relaxed and went to Chapters/Starbucks and then for a drive to Port Stanley. Next was dinner, on the menu: bbq'd salmon for me and chicken for Brock along with tofu stir fry. It was wonderful. We finished off the day watching The Blind Side, an amazing choice for  mother's day. I definitely recommend this movie it was beautifully done.

What really made this day so perfect was that we got to spend so much time together just enjoying each other. It was one of the only days since Caitlyn's birth that we focused just on us as a family.

I love being a mom! When I look at Caitlyn I know that every challenge and frustration I have or will experience is worth it. I can only hope for my sake and hers that I can be as good a mom as my own mother.

My very favorite part of my first mother's day was toward the very end. I went upstairs to get Caitlyn from her crib to feed her. As I reached down to get her she looked at me and reached her two little arms up, as if to say "pick me up Mom, I've missed you".  Amazing!!

I love being a Mom!

Here are a few more mother/daughter photos to enjoy.

Enjoy your day!!

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