Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pretty in red

Today was a fun day with Caitlyn!

With summer on the horizon and hot weather already here I thought it would be cute to paint Caitlyn's toenails. The first foot went relatively smoothly, she slept through the whole experience. The second foot on the other hand was a bit of a challenge as Caitlyn woke up and started moving. Eventually I had some success.

For some reason Brock wasn't overly impressed that I painted her toenails. But it doesn't matter because I think they are adorable.

The first attempt at painting her nail once she woke up. 

 The finished product

She seemed pretty happy with the finished results

Mother daughter matching feet

Caitlyn is finally smiling more, I managed to capture a couple on camera today.

Happy face

More smiling

Brock calls this the puke face. She spit up immediately after I took this picture.

Until next time...


  1. Such pretty toes! Love her dresses! :)xo

  2. Thanks Aunt Cindy!! I love dressing her up in all her cute outfits. They are all gifts that were given to her. Our friends and family have such great taste!!