Friday, May 7, 2010

Things that make you go ah...

Caitlyn does this funny thing when she's hungry that had Brock calling her the milk monster since she was born. She will shake her head and growl as I'm trying to latch her on to feed her. It really is the cutest thing.

Every now again the cute Milk Monster turns into the angry Milk Monster.

 Feed me, Feed me now

What I absolutely love about being a mom is that in a matter of minutes, with nothing more than the milk I made myself, I can turn Caitlyn from a crying Milk Monster to a happy baby with the most amazing look of satisfaction. If there's one thing that will keep me breastfeeding longer it's moments like this:

total satisfaction

It sure is a powerful thing to be able to sooth your baby using nothing but yourself. You hear people talk about how breastfeeding is a bonding experience for mother and child and it is so true. I wouldn't want to feed her any other way. The satisfied look on her face makes the pain and frustration of those early weeks of learning to breastfeed fade into the background. Sort of how you forget the pain of labor right after she's born, well almost forget.

Cuddle time is so special right now. I really enjoy just sitting on the coach with Caitlyn laying on me cooing away or sleeping. I keep thinking that its not going to last, she's growing so fast that it seems like she'll be a toddler before I know it. But for now I'm going to get as much cuddle time in as I can.

her favorite position of the moment

Bath time is another ah moment in the Metcalfe house. The bath routine is all Brock's and he really enjoys it. He's always talking about how strong she is getting and the difference he notices with every bath. When he washes her back she actually uses her legs to stand and support herself, with his help of course. Brock is such an amazing father, never shying away from the challenge of caring for her, whether its taking on bath duty, changing messy diapers or just soothing her when she's upset. He's always up for the task. 

Brock and Caitlyn in the bath

Enjoying bath time

All clean

Right now Caitlyn is upstairs sleeping in her crib. It's only the third or fourth time she's been in it since she was born. Watching her sleep, no matter where that happens to be always makes me go ah. 

Sweet dreams sweetheart 
I've heard having something that smells like Mom beside the baby helps them sleep better. Hence my green shirt by her head.

That's all I have for ah moments for now although I'm sure there will be plenty more to come. Have a wonderful day! 

until next time...


  1. Hi Roxanne! I love your blog already! I've caught up on all three posts and I cannot wait to keep reading- i'm so excited to watch Caitlin grow, even if it's through photos!!

  2. Started to read your blog Roxanne and as Leah said we will be able to see Caitlynn and watch her grow! I often wonder how she is doing and now I will be able to see with your blog. That's so great. I can't wait till your next post! :) You look great by the way! :) xo