Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3 months already

Wow, I cannot believe 3 months have passed already. It feels like she's always been with us and yet hardly at all.

She has captured my heart and soul. From even before she was born I knew that I would love her, yet I couldn't imagine how much. There are no words that can describe just how she has made my life complete. 

What I love the most so far are our special moments.

I always knew that I would breastfeed her but I didn't realize how much I would love it. The closeness that I experience with her while she eats is something that I'll remember forever. At nighttime I love sitting in our chair and cuddling her as she eats and falls back asleep. Sure getting up a couple of times a night is not easy but it is definitely worth it. 

When I wake up in the morning and she's sleeping beside me. I love watching her, she's so peaceful. Then she wakes up looks up at me and gives me this great big grin. Her smiles are to die for, they melt my heart and make me forget how tired I am or how busy a day I have ahead of me.

Sometimes she only has eyes for her mom. She will look at me from across the room and her eyes stay glued to me even when someone else is trying to get her attention. I think its her way of showing me how much she loves me.

She is everything I dreamed she would be and so much more. I'm very much looking forward to the all of the moments that are still to come.

We visited Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Crystal today on her 3 month birthday. Here are some of the photos from that visit.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Our pool opened last weekend and Caitlyn LOVES it!!

I've brought her to the pool a couple of times now and no tears from my baby girl. Swimming lessons start next week so we've only spent about 10 minutes in the pool each time.

A few things to note:
  • Swim diapers make babies butts float.  Who would've thought?!
  • I suddenly have a greater appreciation for the lifeguard hired by our condo corp. Although I hope we never actually need him. It's comforting that he's there. 
  • I have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl. I know I'm biased but seriously these pictures are gorgeous.
We had so much FUN, hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Brock's First Father's Day

This was Brock's first father's day. When I asked him what he wanted to do his reply was "play video games".  Since Caitlyn has come into our lives his video game time has been cut down significantly so it's understandable that when it came to his turn for a day to do whatever he wanted that would be his choice.

I tried to make his day somewhat special while still including his video game time. It started with coffee and breakfast in bed. We snuggled with Caitlyn in bed for most of the morning. Then it was gift time.

Caitlyn and I made this frame for him. She lent me her feet and I took care of the rest. The first foot went ok because she slept through it. The second one was a bit more challenging because she woke up. Taking footprints with wiggly baby feet is not an easy task at all.

Brock got a card from Caitlyn and one from me to go with his new frame.

The father/daughter photo

The rest of father's day was a bust. Both Caitlyn and Brock were miserable. I warned him if he didn't smile I was posting the picture anyway so here it is. A true portrait of family life, not always perfect but at least there's always love.

Here he is playing his video games.

Brock is an amazing dad, every day I look at him with Caitlyn and I can tell just how much he adores her. Caitlyn and I couldn't be luckier to have him in our lives. I love you dear!!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, Step-Dad and Dad In-Law. I know we didn't get to see each other this year for father's day but you were all on my mind. Each one of you has a special place in both our hearts.

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I love lazy afternoons

This morning we had to get up and out of the house early. The day started with a quick hour long walk in Springbank park with our friends Courtney and Stella, eventually I will bring the camera along for one of these walks so you can see Caitlyn's first baby friend.

I think the walk must have tired Caitlyn out because she spent most of the afternoon sleeping away. It started with a nap in our bed, something that I have become quite fond of this week. It's the only time I sleep when she sleeps.

Caitlyn fast asleep for her afternoon nap

More sleeping, this time on the couch. Gotta love the FuzziBunz diapers

Later on in the evening Dad came home and had some Caitlyn cuddle time. I love watching these two together. They just adore each other.

The next few are just me messing around and some cute Caitlyn photos that I wanted to share.

somebody looks surprised

I still can't get enough of her little smiles. This one was directed at Daddy of course. 

my beautiful little girl

she's so content

Hope you had a great hump day and enjoyed the photos.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my 29th birthday and yes I turned 29 for the first time. We had a great weekend!

I got the chance to take Caitlyn on her first camping trip. It was to my parent's camper at Lakewood Trailer Estates in Rodney.  Brock is constantly talking about how we should get a seasonal trailer in that campground and every time we go out there I'm more and more convinced. Time to start saving the $$$. Its a great place to be, very nice and relaxing and several members of my family have seasonal campers there. It's been amazing to watch Brock turn into a family man. 4 years ago when I suggested a seasonal camper the idea was shot down quickly but now with Caitlyn in our lives its a whole new story. Family has become so important to both of us!

Caitlyn's first campfire with Aunt Jeannette, Uncle Shawn and Daddy

Getting a little burping action

Kisses from Uncle Shawn

Somebody's content and the devil in her seems to be shining through

My first birthday as a mom was really great! Brock did ALL the diaper changes for the weekend. What a great gift!

My mom came out to the camper to visit. She says it was to see me on my birthday but I know what her real reason was:
Grandma getting her Caitlyn cuddle time

This next picture is what happens when mommy doesn't pack enough warm outfits for the weekend and Caitlyn gets the last one dirty when she pees on Uncle Shawn (in my opinion totally worth the extra laundry)

the lovely mismatched outfit

Caitlyn got me the Magic Bullet for my birthday. She's only 11 weeks old and yet already knows about my obsession with appliances.

My loving husband picked out a beautiful pair of earrings for my birthday. This picture does not do them justice but its the best I've got.

he's got great taste!

On our way home from camping we stopped at this little greenhouse. I picked up this book and knew right away that I had to buy it. I think its a book any mom would enjoy, it made me laugh a lot with all the little suggestions.  Its amazing the insight that some kids have. 

Here's a little sample page, this is definitely advice to live by.

Snuggle me in your arms. 
Love me for what I am. 
Be proud of me even if I didn't get all the answers correct.

Overall an amazing weekend. Can't wait for next time!