Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my 29th birthday and yes I turned 29 for the first time. We had a great weekend!

I got the chance to take Caitlyn on her first camping trip. It was to my parent's camper at Lakewood Trailer Estates in Rodney.  Brock is constantly talking about how we should get a seasonal trailer in that campground and every time we go out there I'm more and more convinced. Time to start saving the $$$. Its a great place to be, very nice and relaxing and several members of my family have seasonal campers there. It's been amazing to watch Brock turn into a family man. 4 years ago when I suggested a seasonal camper the idea was shot down quickly but now with Caitlyn in our lives its a whole new story. Family has become so important to both of us!

Caitlyn's first campfire with Aunt Jeannette, Uncle Shawn and Daddy

Getting a little burping action

Kisses from Uncle Shawn

Somebody's content and the devil in her seems to be shining through

My first birthday as a mom was really great! Brock did ALL the diaper changes for the weekend. What a great gift!

My mom came out to the camper to visit. She says it was to see me on my birthday but I know what her real reason was:
Grandma getting her Caitlyn cuddle time

This next picture is what happens when mommy doesn't pack enough warm outfits for the weekend and Caitlyn gets the last one dirty when she pees on Uncle Shawn (in my opinion totally worth the extra laundry)

the lovely mismatched outfit

Caitlyn got me the Magic Bullet for my birthday. She's only 11 weeks old and yet already knows about my obsession with appliances.

My loving husband picked out a beautiful pair of earrings for my birthday. This picture does not do them justice but its the best I've got.

he's got great taste!

On our way home from camping we stopped at this little greenhouse. I picked up this book and knew right away that I had to buy it. I think its a book any mom would enjoy, it made me laugh a lot with all the little suggestions.  Its amazing the insight that some kids have. 

Here's a little sample page, this is definitely advice to live by.

Snuggle me in your arms. 
Love me for what I am. 
Be proud of me even if I didn't get all the answers correct.

Overall an amazing weekend. Can't wait for next time! 

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  1. Nice birthday family time you had, also love your gifts! Nice!

    The book looks like a good one! :)