Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Big Milestone!!

Caitlyn has officially rolled over!! One minute she was laying on her back and the next she was on her stomach. We saw it happen two days ago and I couldn't believe it. She's growing up so fast. So far she's only successfully achieved this once but I'm sure she's on her way to moving all over the house. Time to get baby proofing!!

With Caitlyn's recent roll over Brock and I decided we needed to go out and get a video camera finally. We dealt with a sales manager at the Best Buy here in London. He was amazing. He let us take three different cameras and hook them up to the t.v.'s in the store so we could compare picture quality, zoom etc. We were in the store for over an hour and he was so patient and helpful the whole time. Its great when you can get good service like that. In the end we bought a Canon FS300 (in red), so far I love it except for the fact that I don't have a straightforward way of uploading the movies to my MAC. Apparently my operating system is too old. So I have to upload them to our PC laptop, convert them, save them to a memory card and then upload them to the MAC. Oh the things I will do to work off of my beloved macbook.

Here's the first video I took with the new camera. Presenting Caitlyn in her Jolly Jumper.

On another note, I'm obsessed with eating oats for breakfast these days. It has been everyday for the last month or two at least. Thanks to Angela's cold Vegan Overnight Oats, I swear she has a hundred different ways of making these and they are delicious. Then there's Ashley's hot Steel Cut Oats. Both are so good. I've been checking out these ladies' blogs for a little while now and have been getting some great and easy recipes. Can you tell I was eating breakfast as I was writing this post. Hence the diversion to food :)

Have a great day!!

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