Sunday, July 4, 2010

Getting creative

For some reason this weekend I decided to pull out the knitting needles. I had planned on knitting Caitlyn a baby blanket while I was pregnant. This idea was quickly abandoned after it took over an hour to knit the first three rows and I messed up the pattern already. Needless to say I don't have the patience for big projects that have the potential to be messed up and started over so easily.

Caitlyn has a few wonderful blankets that were knit and crocheted for her by our closest family and friends so I decided to stick to smaller things.

This is my first attempt at a baby headband, sure the flower is a little lopsided but I can't be perfect all the time :) I think Caitlyn loves it!


  1. that's cute. I tried to knit yesterday but forgot how to k1 p1 and ruined my left mitton! Maybe that can be a girls night activity!! :)

  2. It looks adorable on her! You did good mama! :) xo