Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!

In celebration of Canada Day I have a few pictures from the last week or so to share.

Last weekend we went to Windsor to visit with our friends Ryan and Amanda and their new baby Cole. The great thing about visiting friends with babies is that they have all the essentials and you can pack lighter. We got to borrow one of their chairs to give Caitlyn a place to sit while we visited.
Cole was born exactly 1 month after Caitlyn, here's a picture of the two of them together.  Cole was born 10 weeks premature, I love how Caitlyn looks like a giant baby with him.

Caitlyn got Daddy really good the other day. Funny how they both look happy about the whole thing.

My sweet girl all dressed up! I love how she's got her feet crossed (I didn't pose her like that). It's so lady like.

Moving from little lady to biker baby :)

and a little Canada day father-daughter time.  Caitlyn has this thing about blowing spit bubbles now, it's too cute.

ah the sad face, how adorable

Have a great Canada day!!

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  1. Her eyes are just gorgeous! I'm sure you hear that all the time :)