Friday, July 9, 2010

Kids are therapeutic

I never would have thought that my baby girl could be so therapeutic. Last night was one of "those" nights. Everyone has them, nights where something just goes wrong and its practically impossible to see how little that "thing" really matters in the grand scheme of life. That was my night and I was very close to getting into a gloomy and miserable mood that at a different time in my life could have lasted for days.

I went for a drive with Caitlyn to our local Toys R Us. I mean what better to lift a bad mood than a little shopping trip. I picked up a Jolly Jumper that I've been wanting to get for a couple of weeks. Caitlyn loves it when we hold her up and let her stand so I knew that a Jolly Jumper would be a great investment for her.  I had a couple of failed attempts to buy one used from Kijiji and last night being one of "those" nights I said screw it and forked over the $70 for a brand new one.  Turns out that was the best thing I could have done.

I got home and put together her newest toy to take over the living room, still stewing and upset of course. Then something amazing happened. I put Caitlyn in the Jolly Jumper and she LOVED it!! She was so happy bouncing around in this thing. Her happiness seeped right inside my heart and soul and totally melted away all the negativity that had been holding me hostage for the last few hours. It was really incredible, just seeing her face and how much fun she was having helped me to remember the big important things that I have to be grateful for and that make my life wonderful. At the top of that list are my wonderful husband, my beautiful daughter and my family.


  1. I remember Liam used to fall asleep in his jolly jumper! So adorable! Wait till it happens to you....Kodak moment!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'm following you back!

    I wish I had known about one of these when my Little Bit was younger...he would have loved it! Enjoy Caitlyn!