Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cottage Fun

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! We went away to our friend Trevor's cottage for the weekend and had a wonderful time.

We relaxed, swam, took lots of pictures and just had a nice time in general. Caitlyn's teething has calmed down over the last week so she was in a very good mood over the weekend.

I made sure to get some great photos of Caitlyn and me, recently I realized that since I'm always behind the camera I never get any mother/daughter shots.

We're so grateful to Trevor for inviting our family out for the weekend.


Beautiful sunsets..

Happy baby



 One of my favorite pictures from the weekend

 Everyone went for an evening swim

except for Caitlyn and me, we hung out on the deck and did some self-portraits

it was very windy and very wavy

checking out the water while trying to protect her little ears from the wind

Until next time...

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