Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Excercising the vocal cords

Thank you so much for your suggestions for help with Caitlyn's teething problems. Frozen washcloths and Advil are working well together. I'm definitely going to try keeping her soothers in the fridge and see if that helps her. She's not on solids quite yet so I'm going to wait to try the frozen fruit but I will be keeping it in my bag of tricks for the future.

Caitlyn has been doing a lot more talking over the last couple days. Her motto seems to be "the louder the better" I managed to capture some video of her chatting up a storm. Every time I see her doing this it makes me laugh and it's the times like this that I forget all about the teething issues.


  1. Oh I just love her! She is such a happy baby and wants to sing it to the world! You are so blessed!

  2. Oh my cute!!! Seeing this shows me what I have to look forward to!