Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teething trouble

Oh man! I know I usually post the happy lovely parts of being a mom but this week has been full of the not so happy, screaming baby.

Yes, Caitlyn is teething. I thought I had a couple more months until it started but it looks like she's full into the joy of teething. It has been 3 days of fussiness, crying and hardly any napping and whoever said the peak of crying was at 6 weeks was not thinking about my lovely daughter. Funny how these things sort of sneak up you.

I definitely believe in fate after this month. Just when I'm in the throes of helping my daughter deal with her pain I got the newest issue of Today's Parent magazine. I like this magazine for all its helpful advice and articles. It has a great stages section in every issue that discuss a concern related to the different age groups. Guess what this months 0-12 month problem was: Teething! It was like someone knew I would need advice this week and sent it to me. Total Fate! The article had some great information about what you can do to relieve teething pain including: teething rings, frozen washcloths, advil or tylenol. It did not recommend gels with benzocaine and was neither for or against homeopathic solutions. The advice lined up completely with my local pharmacist almost to the letter which was pretty impressive. Glad to see everyone is on the same page. I tried most of the  solutions: teething rings were a total fail, the frozen washcloth was alright for about 2 minutes. In the end pediatric Advil won out. While I'm not a fan of using drugs on my daughter, I believe there comes a point when cuddling needs a little outside help and the advil did the trick. My little girl is sleeping comfortably upstairs and I'm about to have a well deserved Mill Street Organic beer.

At one point throughout this ordeal Caitlyn fell asleep comfortably in my arms and proceeded to flip me the bird. I think maybe it's because I took too long to give in and pick up some Advil for my poor girl.

Any advice from other mom's on how you handled teething?


  1. I keep all of Blondie Boy's pacifiers in the fridge. The cold feels really good on this gums and the pacifier helps soothe him as well.

    Have you started solids yet? You could put a frozen bit of banana or melon in a mesh feeder and give that to Caitlyn to nom on, too.

  2. Frozen banana was what helped my son through his teething! Anything cold from the fridge.. we stuck all his teether toys in there along with some teethign dummies that we bought. He gave those a good chew. Teething is different for every baby - just got to try everything until you find something that works! It does settle soon.. honestly! The teething days seemed like the worse but we are through to the other side now! My son is 16 months and all his teeth have come through :) Good luck!!

  3. We do Tylenol. We got baby Orajel, but it's nearly impossible to get it in the right place and it tastes bad so she fights it. We also do frozen fruits in those little mesh bags you can get at Target.

  4. They say if an adult had to teethe they would be on moriphine! I say go for the cold teething rings and advil!