Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Weekend

Big weekend for little Caitlyn!

She got to meet her Fabulous Cousin Leah and Steve and their daughter Sophie, Great-Grandma Van Der Molen, Uncle Bill and Aunt Shelley. It was beautiful to see her with all of her family.

Leah and Steve live in England so Caitlyn won't get to see them too often, but I was so happy the girls were able to meet. Its fun that Caitlyn has cousins the same age.

Here's some pictures from our weekend.
My First time meeting little Sophie - she's 3 months younger than Caitlyn
Sophie and mommy Leah

She was very sleepy during our visit

Caitlyn meeting her Great-Aunt Cindy

Playing with cousin Liam

Meeting Great-Grandma Van Der Molen for the first time

Uncle Bill and Aunt Shelley from Kingston

Grandma Metcalfe LOVES her granddaughter so much that she's willing to have her picture taken.

Looking forward to a big week ahead. Caitlyn is going to be 6 months on Thursday and we're planning her first solid food for Friday. I'm getting really excited for this so expect to see a video or some pictures of the big event this weekend. I've been thinking about what to give her for her first food for a while now. I know the standard is usually baby cereal but I've been thinking about starting with a veggie, probably sweet potato. What was your first food or the first food you chose for your own child?

On another note, Caitlyn had her 6 month shots today. Aside from being a little sleepy she's been really great all day. Only a few tears at the Dr's office :)

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  1. Love this! Was so happy to have you guys over that day! :) xo