Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Domestic Diva Today

Today I tried my hand at canning for the first time. Brock is on vacation this week and was home to watch Caitlyn all day while I hung out in the kitchen.

On the menu: Canned Tomatoes. Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law I had 2 big bags of fresh tomatoes waiting to be canned. This was my first attempt at canning so I kept the recipe pretty straightforward: tomatoes and a little lemon juice. Who would have thought it would take me over 6 hours to finish this little project. In the end I had 17 jars of tomatoes and 4 of tomato juice.

Here's a little photo shoot of my journey today.

Whoever said canning was cheap wasn't talking about the start up costs that's for sure. Here's my new stash of canning supplies purchased today.

Jars, Canning Pot and Canning Tools

Lots going on the kitchen. In the end I had a decent system, wash tomatoes, put tomatoes in boiling water, set kitchen timer for 1 min, wash tomatoes, remove tomatoes from hot water and place in cold water, add newly washed tomatoes to hot water, set timer, wash more tomatoes, remove from cold water and start peeling, when timer goes off remove tomatoes from hot water and place in cold. Repeat about 30 times.

Busy kitchen counter

Tomato peeling station
 Getting the jars ready to boil for 40 minutes

The first batch of jars
The finished product:

My first canned tomatoes

By the end of the day both Brock and I were pooped.

Standing in the kitchen all day left me with sore feet, an aching back and an incredible sense of accomplishment.

Taking care of Caitlyn all day left Brock yawning and I think with a greater appreciation for what I do all week while he's at work.

Here's hoping these tomatoes seal properly and last long enough for me to use them all.

Have a great day!!


  1. I'm pooped just reading your post; and now I can honestly say I will never can tomatoes. hehe! Loads of credit to you for doing this! :)