Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Growth Spurts vs Teething

I look back on the early days of motherhood and remember going to the Dr for my well baby checkups. They are often very concerned about the period of PURPLE crying, they warn you that the peak of crying is usually at 6 weeks and don't worry it gets easier.  I don't think they considered teething!

The past two days have been interesting to say the least. Caitlyn had her 6 month shots on Monday and since then she's been eating non-stop, sleeping more and crying a whole lot more. I don't know if we just hit the perfect storm of growth spurt plus teething or if its a side effect of her shots but oh man, I cannot wait to get back to normal.

One thing I'm very grateful for is the hubby. Brock works all day and then comes home and willingly takes this crying child in his arms and cuddles her in an attempt to soothe her. Never any complaints from this man, just an honest attempt to help me out in the evenings when I'm the most tired. I love him!

Given Caitlyn's mood there was no picture taking going on today, but I thought I'd share a little father/daughter action from the weekend. 

Brock and his baby girl.

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