Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Walking Season is back

I know that as a Canadian I should be completely grateful for any summer weather because the season doesn't last long at all, however this year I'm so very happy for fall!

I had high hopes to be out walking with Caitlyn everyday while on maternity leave however got a good taste of reality when we had what seemed like the hottest summer ever. Paranoid first time mom that I am I did not want to bring Caitlyn out in the heat or even the sun so we spent most of the summer indoors hiding out in the air conditioning.

So imagine my delight now that the weather has changed, the humidity is gone and the temperature has dropped. Caitlyn and I can now enjoy the outdoors and walks that I was so looking forward to all summer long.

Yesterday we hung out with our friends Alycia and Aaron. Aaron is the same age as Caitlyn and we met when both babies were admitted to the hospital for jaundice the weekend after they were born. We've kept in touch since then and have enjoyed getting together and trading stories about what the babies have been up to. It's so nice to have people around who have babies around the same age as Caitlyn. Not only will she have friends when she grows up but it's also great to have so many people around to relate too as I continue along the journey of motherhood.

A crane hanging out in the river along the path where we walked

Our walk tired her out
Aaron hiding out in his stroller
Beautiful even while she's sleeping

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