Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun With Food

So I have really been enjoying trying out new foods with Caitlyn over the past week. She's loving the solids adventure and I've been getting a kick out of seeing her reaction with each new food.

So far she's tried sweet potato, rice cereal, peaches, carrots and beets. On the menu tomorrow is butternut squash.

Caitlyn has liked everything she's tried so far except one, can you guess which food she hates??

I'll give you a hint:
  • its round
  • its orangeish in colour 
  • its fuzzy
  • it comes in clingstone or freestone (something I just learned this year)

That's right everyone, she hates PEACHES! I couldn't believe it when I gave her the peaches and saw her reaction. She puckered her face, had a head shake and basically gagged. I tried mixing it with her rice cereal which she loves and she wouldn't touch it. The whole meal was wasted. I tried giving it to her 3 times in two days and have given up. We'll try again in couple of weeks and hopefully she'll change her mind.

The beets have been a great success surprisingly. She was a little uncertain at first but has come around to them quite well. Brock took a few pictures the other day of her eating beets and they remind me of something else entirely: Interview with the Vampire. There's something about those red eyes and lips that is making her look very sinister.

More please...
We also had some friends up for the weekend.  I love seeing Caitlyn with her little baby friends, especially now that she's showing more interest in other kids. Makes me so excited for next summer when she'll be older and able to really play with others.

They had some staring contests and even held hands, unfortunately I wasn't quick enough with the camera for that one. 
Caitlyn and Cole

matching Bumbo chairs

The great thing about having other parents over is that they totally get it when your baby starts crying and the evening comes to a standstill in order to comfort her.

All the bragging I've been doing about Caitlyn back fired last night big time. She's been teething again and as a result we didn't have the most relaxing of evenings. Eventually Caitlyn fell asleep in bed with me and that's where she stayed for the night. Some times I think she just needs to be close to her mommy and I'm very happy to oblige.

Coming up this week: We went for a photo shoot and had some amazing pictures taken a few weeks ago and I get to pick up the CD tomorrow. So watch for a post with some samples pictures.

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