Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

This past weekend was the Canadian Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful weekend spent with our family. From Turkey dinners to some fun at the Brigden Fair.  I really love traveling to visit our family but I have to admit crawling into my own bed after a long weekend away feels amazing as well.

Fairs are great, they remind me of my childhood. We had a ton of fun although looking through my pictures I'm realizing that I need to make sure to take more next time. There were so many great moments this weekend and I have so few pictures to tell the story. Oh well, live and learn!

What we do have is some matching colored tongues from fair slushies:

and blue
matching facial expressions from Caitlyn and Aunt Jeannette. We had to keep Caitlyn naked at the fair because I was not not prepared for how hot it would be and only had long sleeve stuff for her to wear. Again I say, live and learn.

and Caitlyn played her first ever fair game. She was successful at taking out two ducks and a shark from the pond.

I hope all my fans had a wonderful Thanksgiving and took some time to enjoy themselves.

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