Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A recent nasty message from someone in my past has had me thinking about this blog and privacy for a while now so I have decided to make a couple of changes.

When I started the blog I thought nothing of including my full name in the web address thinking it would make it easier for my friends and family to find and read the blog. Lately though I've been thinking more and more about the lack of privacy that comes with having a  public blog. I LOVE that there are people that I don't know interested enough in what I write and post to read the blog. At the same time I've become concerned about my family's privacy and the paranoid mom is coming out and saying why use your full name, people can find you.

So I figure while this blog is still in its infancy I might be better off to change a couple of things, namely the web address and blog name (mostly because I wasn't that fond of the first name I chose). Content will be the same, you'll still see lots of videos and pictures of the family, I'll just be a little more conscious of the little details I include that might allow the few people out there with less than good intentions from getting too close to our family.

Thanks so much!!

Do you ever worry about online privacy and how much you share??

P.S. This should redirect automatically but feel free to update your bookmarks to www.amommysview.com

On a happier note here's my attempt at Christmas photos for Caitlyn, I might have to have a reshoot or two.

Gotta love the red diapers!

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