Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Setting goals

I have been struggling for a while with my health, and weight in particular, since I had Caitlyn. My struggle goes between not liking how I'm feeling/looking and getting the motivation to commit to doing something about it.

I find it difficult to get away to the gym in the evening when Brock is home to watch Caitlyn because I don't want to just hand her over right when he gets home from work and by the time she goes to bed I'm so tired that I no longer have the motivation to go.

Well that changes today (hopefully). My Fabulous Cousin has issued a challenge and I accepted. The goal is to run 5k and then improve the time over the month of November.

This is actually a really great challenge for me as I've aspired to run for a long time but have just never got out there consistently enough to get good at it. 

Tonight I hit the gym when Brock got home from work in order to run the 5k and get my baseline time.  That was a fail challenge. In total I ran .98 miles - 1.5km in 13:48 min. Not bad for my first time and I'm confident I would have completed the full 5km had it not been for one annoying thing. My pants kept falling down! Yes, that's right I wore the wrong pants for a run and every 20 sec or so was stuck hiking them up or else all the ladies on the elliptical machines behind me would have gotten quite the show. After almost 14 minutes of pulling my pants up and knowing at my pace I would have at least another 20 minutes of this I decided to throw in the towel for the night.

I'm going to find a different pair of pants and try again tomorrow.

On the bright side - at least I made it to the gym :)


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