Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Grandma likes to give Caitlyn things, which is great because Caitlyn likes presents. She's just like her mommy that way (hint hint dear hubby).

Anyhow, Grandma has been super excited about this baby fruit feeder thing that she bought. It has a little net and you're supposed to put fruit and veggies inside then baby gets to eat them without the risk of choking on chunks of food.

Caitlyn had an opportunity to try it out and after some initial discomfort:

She really got the hang of it and liked it a lot. It was kind of funny to watch her go at this thing. I had stuck a small piece of frozen banana inside.

The only challenge I found with using this neat little gift was cleaning it. I found little banana pieces got stuck in the netting and were really hard to get out. I washed it, then ran it through the dishwasher then washed it again before I got it clean.  But given how much she liked it, I'm sure I'll be giving it to her again and then spending 20 minutes trying to clean it. Oh the things we do for our kids!!

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  1. I got one of those at my shower. Can't wait to try it out!