Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Caitlyn's First Christmas cont'd

Wow! What a crazy few days. We visited family and more family. We ate food, opened gifts, played with Caitlyn. It was incredible and yet I'm very happy to be sitting here relaxing while wearing my new snuggie. Who knew a blanket with arms would be the perfect thing to keep me warm while blogging.

Funny story about the snuggies, I had been teasing my Dad for at least a couple of months that I was buying him a snuggie for Christmas. They always keep their house pretty cold so a blanket with arms would be the perfect gift. Dad threatened that if I bought him one he would cut it up and use it for rags. As much as I wanted to get him one, just for a gag I didn't want to waste money on something that wouldn't be used. Imagine my delight when I opened a snuggie from my Mom for Christmas. My first thought was that I was wearing it to Dad's house. Then I opened a second snuggie at Dad's! So now Brock and I have matching snuggies and I most definitely won't be using them for rags. Maybe next year I'll tease him about buying a car :)
When we last left off Caitlyn was napping and I was getting ready for a very busy couple of days.  Caitlyn's at that stage where she experiences stranger/separation anxiety especially when she's tired so when her mood stayed good throughout the Christmas festivities I was very happy.

One obvious thing that was made even more obvious during the holidays is that we are loved. Our families are incredibly generous, thoughtful and loving. We couldn't be more lucky!

Also, my daughter is definitely not camera shy! Practically every picture we took, she's staring directly at the camera wide eyed with a big smile. Even when I stuck a bunch of bows to her head.

We forgot to get a family portrait this Christmas. Oops!! I'll have to remember that for next year. We did however manage to get a lovely mother/daughter picture.

Overall, this was the best Christmas that I can remember. While I know that in years to come this season will be more exciting, I'm cherishing this one.

You only ever experience your first child's first Christmas once.

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