Sunday, April 24, 2011

Busy, Busy and more busy

Holy smokes, where has the time gone?? Can you believe Caitlyn is now 13 months old? I realize I say this ALL the time along with every other mom I know but seriously can we just slow down time a little bit?

Have you been following Leah and Ruby's Spring Challenge? We're on week 5 and I have to admit that while I've been reading the posts I have not been focusing on them. Overall I'm being much healthier than I was 6 weeks ago but I'm really having a hard time keeping track of everything.

I do have some exciting news though. I've been running! Like really running, I even made it 20 minutes non-stop on the treadmill and got my first runner's high! This was a huge accomplishment for me. I've been wanting to run for a few years but haven't been able to get the endurance up to actually make it enjoyable. It's finally getting better and I have to admit I'm actually excited to get to the gym and run.  Running outside is a different story, I can make it like 5 min without stopping but that will come in time. I'm thinking about signing up for a 5k this July.  I'm just not sure if 2.5 months is long enough for me to build up the endurance to actually run 5k outside. My goal is to run at least 3-4 times per week with at least one of those sessions as an outdoor run. We'll see how it goes I guess.

In other news, Brock will be playing single dad for three days this week while I head out of town for some training. I feel a little bad for him having to take care of Caitlyn all by himself for a few days so I made some meals to help him out while I'm gone. He's got some soup, Sheppard's pie and spaghetti sauce in the freezer. While I know I'm going to miss him and Caitlyn like crazy at the same time I'll be in a hotel by myself with no one around. I'll get to read, take a bath maybe have a glass or two of wine and just enjoy the evenings all to myself.  Ah heaven!

What good is a blog post without a picture of my little angel? This one was taken about a week ago when we gave Caitlyn some spaghetti. She loves it! Brock hates the mess :) 


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Conversation with the hubby this morning

Me "Caitlyn looks like she pooped and needs a bum change. She's going to you, she wants you to change her"
Hubby "I got up with her and fed her breakfast, you change her"
Me "I changed her poopy bum yesterday and got up with her and fed her breakfast yesterday. Its your turn"
Hubby "I did it all week!"
Me "I did it for a year!"

I win!


Guess who has been adding to her vocabulary? Caitlyn of course!

She now says dog which sounds like "do" and kitty which sounds like "kitty" and Caitlyn which sounds like "Caiyn"  So much fun!!

and, we finally had some half decent weather and outdoor time.





Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Challenge Week 3

Challenge? What Challenge?

Is it me or was week 2 at work even busier than week 1? Yes, I'm full of questions. This is because I'm avoiding telling you that I completely ignored the Spring Challenge Week 3.

Let's see...

Diet Challenge - Reduce the amount of sugar/sweeteners in your diet

This is actually a no brainer for me. Or it should be anyway, if you recall I confessed I have Type 1 Diabetes in a recent post. So avoiding sugar and sweeteners is sort of old news :) Does this mean I was actually successful? I say yes!

Fitness Challenge - Add an extra 10 min of exercise to your day

The real question is did I make it to the gym at all last week? No :( I had a couple of unexepected Dr appointments last week which ate up my lunch hours so no gym, no excercise. Oops #FAIL

Life Challenge - Find Balance in an area that's lacking

Ahhh... I'm just trying to stay afloat while I get used to this whole working mom thing. The good news is we had our bi-weekly girl's night last week. Four of us ladies get together for dinner every other week so I did manage to have a relaxing evening with good food, good wine and great gossip. Definitely helped me get a little more relaxed.

Oh and not only did I not really focus on the challenge at all. I also did not take a single picture of my beautiful daughter all week. So no new photos for you. Sorry folks, on the bright side, it is a GORGEOUS day out and I'll be bringing Caitlyn to the park after her nap. Plenty of photo ops there.

Watch for an upcoming blog post about Caitlyn, got some fun stuff to share with you.

Have a lovely weekend, get outside and play awhile!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Challenge Week 2

Week 2's challenges were so much more tougher than last week. Not because they were harder, but because as of Monday March 28th I officially became a working mom. My year of bliss with Caitlyn is officially over and I'm now back to work. Its not such a bad thing, I LOVE my job and my daycare provider has proven to be downright incredible. So good that Caitlyn didn't want to come home with me the first day. I may have considered sending her someplace bad after that, just so that she would be excited to see me at the end of the day. Fortunately things were more balanced after a couple of days and Caitlyn loved me again.


Anyhow, back to the Spring Challenge. We are finished week 2 and it was Leah's turn to host.

Diet Challenge: Cook a new healthy meal this week

I almost missed this one however I rallied Sunday evening and managed to cook up an amazing recipe from Oh She Glows. If you haven't tried the Easy Creamy Tomato Barley Risotto yet, add it to your grocery list for next week. It was so good! Even Brock liked it which says a lot, if you knew anything about him it would be that his palate can tend to be hard to please.

Fitness Challenge: Add 2 new types of workout to your week

Fail. Yikes, did I really not do any exercise last week? Not entirely true. I did take the stairs on my way home once last week. So what if it was only going down, it was still 9 floors and so I count that as 1 exercise.

I do have my gym clothes packed and ready to go for my lunch hour tomorrow. We'll see how I do with the lunch hour running.

Life Challenge: Spring Cleaning

I will admit I only succeeded with this challenge by shear luck. Last week we got a call from a charity looking for clothing donations. They come out to your house and pick up a bag of used clothes that you set out for them. We had clothes to give and went through our closets to clean them up. Challenge success!

I'm really hoping to keep up with blogging about the challenges, however no promises. This back to work stuff is kicking my butt.

p.s. Mama cuddles are the greatest.