Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Challenge Week 2

Week 2's challenges were so much more tougher than last week. Not because they were harder, but because as of Monday March 28th I officially became a working mom. My year of bliss with Caitlyn is officially over and I'm now back to work. Its not such a bad thing, I LOVE my job and my daycare provider has proven to be downright incredible. So good that Caitlyn didn't want to come home with me the first day. I may have considered sending her someplace bad after that, just so that she would be excited to see me at the end of the day. Fortunately things were more balanced after a couple of days and Caitlyn loved me again.


Anyhow, back to the Spring Challenge. We are finished week 2 and it was Leah's turn to host.

Diet Challenge: Cook a new healthy meal this week

I almost missed this one however I rallied Sunday evening and managed to cook up an amazing recipe from Oh She Glows. If you haven't tried the Easy Creamy Tomato Barley Risotto yet, add it to your grocery list for next week. It was so good! Even Brock liked it which says a lot, if you knew anything about him it would be that his palate can tend to be hard to please.

Fitness Challenge: Add 2 new types of workout to your week

Fail. Yikes, did I really not do any exercise last week? Not entirely true. I did take the stairs on my way home once last week. So what if it was only going down, it was still 9 floors and so I count that as 1 exercise.

I do have my gym clothes packed and ready to go for my lunch hour tomorrow. We'll see how I do with the lunch hour running.

Life Challenge: Spring Cleaning

I will admit I only succeeded with this challenge by shear luck. Last week we got a call from a charity looking for clothing donations. They come out to your house and pick up a bag of used clothes that you set out for them. We had clothes to give and went through our closets to clean them up. Challenge success!

I'm really hoping to keep up with blogging about the challenges, however no promises. This back to work stuff is kicking my butt.

p.s. Mama cuddles are the greatest.



  1. Hi Roxanne...I understand the mixed feelings when you got pick your daughter up at the sitters / day care and she looks at you and goes in the opposite direction. My daughter is 17 months old and tells me to "go" when I drop her off, and runs away from when I pick her up! Its joy that she loves the environment, and also wishing she'd shed maybe a 1 tear for you!!!! Just wait till the first time she tells you to "go!" Combination of heartbreaking and freakin' hilarious!!!

  2. Hi Roxanne. I am so glad your first week went well at work. You can totally do the working mommy thing.. I am glad you are comfortable with Caitlyn's daycare.. and you did great with the challenge. Working, being a mom and taking care of all the responsibilities in the home are all hard to juggle sometimes! I can relate! Hope week 2 back at work is going well for you!

  3. Hey, week 2 was great for Caitlyn and me, a little more tired. I can see it taking a bit of time to really get into the routine. Luckily it seems like the weather is improving around here which will certainly give me more energy and help keep our moods good.

  4. Ah man. If Caitlyn tells me to go I might break down and cry. Its funny because one of the other kids is around 2 and has done the whole don't go mommy thing while I've been there. Being able to just drop Caitlyn off without fighting for her to stay is definitely a bonus. It'll be really hard if she ever starts fighting going to daycare all together.