Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Challenge Week 3

Challenge? What Challenge?

Is it me or was week 2 at work even busier than week 1? Yes, I'm full of questions. This is because I'm avoiding telling you that I completely ignored the Spring Challenge Week 3.

Let's see...

Diet Challenge - Reduce the amount of sugar/sweeteners in your diet

This is actually a no brainer for me. Or it should be anyway, if you recall I confessed I have Type 1 Diabetes in a recent post. So avoiding sugar and sweeteners is sort of old news :) Does this mean I was actually successful? I say yes!

Fitness Challenge - Add an extra 10 min of exercise to your day

The real question is did I make it to the gym at all last week? No :( I had a couple of unexepected Dr appointments last week which ate up my lunch hours so no gym, no excercise. Oops #FAIL

Life Challenge - Find Balance in an area that's lacking

Ahhh... I'm just trying to stay afloat while I get used to this whole working mom thing. The good news is we had our bi-weekly girl's night last week. Four of us ladies get together for dinner every other week so I did manage to have a relaxing evening with good food, good wine and great gossip. Definitely helped me get a little more relaxed.

Oh and not only did I not really focus on the challenge at all. I also did not take a single picture of my beautiful daughter all week. So no new photos for you. Sorry folks, on the bright side, it is a GORGEOUS day out and I'll be bringing Caitlyn to the park after her nap. Plenty of photo ops there.

Watch for an upcoming blog post about Caitlyn, got some fun stuff to share with you.

Have a lovely weekend, get outside and play awhile!


  1. Well done!! I didn't know you had diabetes, that sucks! The working thing takes time, and I once heard a podcast discuss the topic of balance in this context and the expert said that you'll always have times when you're balanced and always have times when things just don't go as smoothly.

  2. good to know! Where do you find your podcasts? I've been interested in listening to some at work when we're not so busy but don't know where to start to look to find good ones. I tried downloading some in the past and they weren't very good. I'd be interested to hear your suggestions if you have any.