Sunday, August 28, 2011


I tried to write this post using my phone a few days ago while coloring my hair.  It was almost done when I tried to paste in a link and deleted all of my  ranting well thought out prose. So needless to say I'm now posting from my computer where I'll be a little less likely to mess it up.

This summer has been so incredibly busy! When I look back at the past couple of months everything is a blur. We had an amazing summer and really enjoyed getting to spend time with our friends and family. My only regret is that I hardly picked up my SLR camera which is really unfortunate. Caitlyn's first year I took so many pictures but since returning to work I've hardly picked up my camera at all. Can we say Mommy Fail! On the bright side I've captured some great moments using the phone and that is where the pictures you're seeing today come from.

We spent a lovely morning with our cousins Leah and Yolanda and actually got to meet our twitter friend Kelly. It was a great morning and we had so much fun. Too bad Caitlyn wouldn't take a bit of a nap and we had to cut our visit a little short. Here she is about 10 seconds after getting in the car that day.

Caitlyn's been feeding herself more and more these days. She's so proud when she does while I'd rather not deal with the mess.  There should be some sort of warning label on children. 

Warning: I will make you love me so much that you'll even put up with my big messes while I learn and grow.

We went to a wedding this past weekend. I tried to get a nice close up of Caitlyn in her dress. She had the cutest little flower in her hair. However she was uncooperative and this is as good as it got. She looks so grown up walking with her daddy. Have I mentioned that she's walking full time now :) Whoo hoo!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Low Cost Entertainment

We're always looking for low cost options for entertaining Caitlyn. With the cost of daycare and paying the bills there's just not a whole lot left in the budget for buying new toys or expensive entertainment.

In the past year we've taken advantage of the Ontario Early Years Centres. They have lots of great free playgroups and worked out great while I was on mat leave.

We've also gone to our local Children's museum where we get a free membership thanks to my work.

Yard sales have been great, you remember the $2 couch

Today Caitlyn was a little bored and I was feeling creative. Enter the sensory bin. This was a great gift and I've mentioned it a time or two on the blog.

I decided to fill the bin with shredded paper today. Turns out my old bills and paperwork are great fun. This actually entertained her for well over an hour, which is impressive.  Also, since it was just paper clean up wasn't all that bad.

The best part is she had a ton of fun!!





and to make up for our lack of posting you get another video this week!

Here she is playing with the sensory bin and showing you what she's been learning.

What ideas do you have for low cost entertainment?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Caitlyn at the Beach

It would seem that my inconsistent posts have a Grandma or two missing out on their Caitlyn fix. Well luckily for everyone who reads my little corner of the Internet I have a couple of posts planned for this week.

Starting with a video post :)

We had a long weekend this weekend and took Caitlyn to the beach. She is definitely a water baby and was really fun to watch playing in the lake. This little venture into the lake was unplanned so she went fully clothed. If you think a disposable diaper gets heavy after  being in water you haven't seen anything. Caitlyn's FuzziBunz diaper was double stuffed and soaked up a LOT of lake water. Luckily we had lots of spare diapers with us along with a spare outfit so I wasn't too concerned about Caitlyn enjoying her time in the water.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!