Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Low Cost Entertainment

We're always looking for low cost options for entertaining Caitlyn. With the cost of daycare and paying the bills there's just not a whole lot left in the budget for buying new toys or expensive entertainment.

In the past year we've taken advantage of the Ontario Early Years Centres. They have lots of great free playgroups and worked out great while I was on mat leave.

We've also gone to our local Children's museum where we get a free membership thanks to my work.

Yard sales have been great, you remember the $2 couch

Today Caitlyn was a little bored and I was feeling creative. Enter the sensory bin. This was a great gift and I've mentioned it a time or two on the blog.

I decided to fill the bin with shredded paper today. Turns out my old bills and paperwork are great fun. This actually entertained her for well over an hour, which is impressive.  Also, since it was just paper clean up wasn't all that bad.

The best part is she had a ton of fun!!





and to make up for our lack of posting you get another video this week!

Here she is playing with the sensory bin and showing you what she's been learning.

What ideas do you have for low cost entertainment?

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  1. I love it! Do you read 'Play at home mom'? They also have great ideas for sensory learning, one of the fun things I read was to put hairgel, food coloring and glitter into a ziploc and then seal it. Cheap & fascinating. I love this idea as well. Caitlyn's getting so big!