Monday, September 12, 2011

Parenting Pet Peeves

Are there pet peeves that as a parent you find yourself going a little crazy over. 

I can think of a few for myself, things that immediately get under my skin or I just can't have happen. 

Here are a few examples..

I refuse to buy Cheerios for Caitlyn. This cereal is touted as the perfect toddler snack with its little O shaped morsels and quick melting goodness. The thing they don't talk about is the 17 ingredients many of which I can't even pronounce, what is tocopherols anyway?? According to Wikipedia its a form of Vitamin E, who knew?!

What I do buy for her is Organic Whole O's Cereal. Same O shape, 5 ingredients and I can pronounce them all. Of course, my enunciation of pomegranate may leave some people questioning that statement.

On the flip side, I let her eat Cheezies, that have 30 ingredients (now that I've actually counted it might be the last time she gets them), many of which I cannot pronounce. Now why would I let her eat Cheezies and not Cheerios...

Well, she got the Cheezies because she dressed up like the cutest Strawberry ever of course... Moms this makes total sense right???


Next on my list:  Her Name

I can't stand it when anyone calls her anything but Caitlyn and tend to immediately correct anyone who does without even thinking about it. Kate, Kattie, Cat, whenever I hear any of those names in reference to my daughter it's like nails on a chalkboard. Not that those are terrible names, or even nicknames, they just aren't MY kid's name.  Brock and I struggled a bit to find a name that we both loved. Now that we have our little Caitlyn, I want keep her Caitlyn.

Same goes for the spelling of her name. Yes, I realize there's a dozen different ways to spell Caitlyn. However if you're someone who should know how to spell it the right way and doesn't, you can expect a not so subtle reminder that's its a C and a Y in Caitlyn. I just can't help myself, drives me crazy.

How could you call this sweet girl anything but her beautiful given name? She really is a Caitlyn, through and through. 



Can't live with it, can't live without it

I felt vindicated today, when this news story came out. Spongebob Square Pants is a bad T.V. show. Not only does it have inappropriate content that really shouldn't be in a kids show, it's bad for kids concentration. According to a study, the fast moving show "causes short-term attention problems in preschoolers". Good thing we only allow the tried and true Baby Einstein and Treehouse TV in our home. As annoying as Caillou is, at least he doesn't ruin my kids attention span.

Another study came out recently that stated a bit of the obvious to me: Kids who watch nighttime or violent shows have trouble sleeping. My first thought was: Really, you needed to study this to realize that shows that have lots of violence and scary stuff, give kids nightmares. Why am I not surprised??

On the bright side, I have more to back me up in my rule that Video Games aren't allowed while Caitlyn's awake.

Who wants to give this innocent little girl nightmares and bad grades?? Not me that's for sure.


What is important to me is not necessarily important to everyone which is what makes parenting such a unique experience from family to family.  What are your parenting pet peeves??


  1. I sometimes get similar feelings when...
    * People make ignorant remarks about breastfeeding. Especially breastfeeding after 6 months or a year, and breastfeeding in public. I don't mind opposing exeriences or genuine misinformation or ideas, but when people are close minded AND make igrnorant remarks it gets my blood boiling.
    * People ask us why we can't put Amber in bed at somebody else's house, so we don't have to leave a party early. because she won't like it, won't sleep & why make us all miserable?

    * Someone picks Amber up without asking us or her or telling us or her that they're going to do so. Especially people she doesn't know! Respect her, people! I once read somewhere the question of how can you expect girls to stand their ground with regards to love & sexuality when they're 16 years old, when at 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 years old you tell them 'oh, come and give me a kiss. Don't you love me?'

  2. Aww Roxanne, she is so cute!!! Such a sweet little strawberry!

    I agree with you on her given name. As Yolanda got older of course her classmates gave her little cute nicknames such as Yol, Yolie but I have always for the last 31 years to this day have called her Yolanda. I agree with you fully mommy! :)

  3. I totally agree! Especially about the whole picking up thing, that happens to Caitlyn a lot and with the age she is now, she doesn't want to cuddle or sit on people she wants to run around. It makes me sad when her extended family take offense to that, like she doesn't like them when really its probably that she's just not in the mood for hugs. 

  4. Why thank you Aunt Cindy :) It'll be fine if Caitlyn's school friends call her something else, as long as it's not mean and she says it's ok. But don't let me catch you calling her Kattie or look out :)

  5. I buy Whole O's too and just call them "Cheerios" so that he doesn't get picked on in school! lol ;-)

    My parenting pet peeve is right along with yours - the fact that people actually do think things like "cheerios" are at the top of the healthy snack list - there's advertising for ya.

    I also cannot stand when people treat babies and children like a piece of furniture and go on about their "adult" conversations when they are RIGHT THERE. And by "adult" I mean anything that is not about lolipops and gummibears! :-) It's not just bad language, but kids don't need to hear about your gossip, ya know?

  6. Hi Roxanne...I agree with everything that you said!!  I also agree with Ruby and the whole breastfeeding comment...some people just don't understand!

    If you get the Disney Junior chanel, its got some great tv shows for background noise...I like the Disney Junior chanel better than Treehouse!

    Love the blog! Been following since you started!  Meagan

  7. Thanks so much!!! I'll have to check out that channel for sure. Somedays I can only handle so much Max and Ruby.

  8. I have had to remind some adults that Caitlyn is a person. Sometimes people tend to forget that and do things in front of babies that they wouldn't do to an adult, like passing gas while standing right near her face. Yes, it happened and yes, I was pissed ;)