Sunday, December 30, 2012


I’ve been waiting months to write this one Smile

This past summer I finally realized a goal that has been on my list for years, and I mean lots of years. I’ve always aspired to be a runner but every time I started I found it so hard and I never went out more than once or twice before giving up. This summer was different. With the help of my good friend Cherie I somehow found the motivation to join a running club and commit to a Couch to 10K program using an app on my smartphone. Four of us would meet up every Wednesday evening all summer for a run and I would head out on my own twice more during the week.

At first I found it kind of easy, run 60 sec, walk 90 sec, it wasn’t so bad aside from some crazy shin splints. After a few weeks it definitely got to be more challenging. I think my favourite intervals were run 10 min, walk 1 min. That 1 min of walking helped me mentally more than anything, in my head I was always thinking about just making it to that next walking point.

This was taken after a 3.83k run in July, so proud of myself that day. It was the farthest run I had completed at that point.


Week after week I went farther and farther and it felt SO GOOD! Ultimately I never did make it to the 10k run, the longest I recorded was 7.77 km. To be honest, that was ok with me because what I did accomplish was my very first 5KM Race!

I signed up for the race with Stevie who was part of our running club. It was scheduled for October 13th, 2012.

Here we are before the race, it was a little chilly that day but the sun was shining and that’s what mattered.


We started out strong and ran the entire race without taking any walking breaks. The course was an out and back on a path in a beautiful park in London. The people on the course were great and very encouraging including all the fellow runners. I was so grateful that Stevie decided to do this run with me. We typically run about the same pace which made it really nice. It’s always much more fun to run with a partner.

At the end of the race as we saw the finish line approaching I got a huge burst of energy and gave it my all to finish strong. It helped that I had my very own cheering section at the finish line. My husband, brother, nephew and cousin were all there to cheer me on. But the little person who mattered the most and motivated me to complete the crazy longstanding goal of mine was my baby girl! She met me at the end and I was so happy to see her there. If there’s one thing that motivates me through the hard runs the most it’s Caitlyn. I want so badly to be healthy for her and to show her that if you put your mind to something you can make it happen.


In the end, I wasn’t first and I wasn’t last, we finished around the middle of the pack which was exactly where I wanted to be. As for finishing times, I’ll never know. For whatever reason they didn’t time this race like they were supposed to and because I expected an “official” time I didn’t bother setting my cell phone to track my time. As frustrating as it is, I’ve been trying to not let it ruin the experience too much. During my training I ran 5 km in about 35 min and come spring I plan on signing up for a new 5 km race that will be timed so I can set my very personal record.

In the meantime, it’s been a little too chilly outside to run. I don’t mind running in the cold so much as the runny nose. So after a month long break I joined a gym again and hit the treadmill today for the first time. Not too bad for my first run in over a month but I’m definitely looking forward to improving it over the winter so I come back strong for that next race.


Friday, December 28, 2012

I’m Back

Hello there, I know it’s been a while. I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since last March, almost a year has gone by without sharing all the wonderful stories of my family. We’ve had some great times this past year. Camping, playing, travelling and visiting, overall a really great year. I’m happy to share that we recently added a new computer to our family, I’m hoping the greater speed and ease with which I’ll be able to blog will encourage me to do it more often. I want to share my life or at least the very best parts of it. I want to have this blog as a way for my girl to look back on her life and hopefully be happy with all that she experience and all that I shared.

To start here’s just a simple post showing some of our moments over the past little while

May 2012 – can’t remember where we were headed, just that she was happy about it.

. DSC_0704

She turned around and saw her Daddy, true happiness


June 2012 – a little camping trip


August Vacation 2012 – Her first taste of a S’more




First elephant ride at African Lion Safari


September 2012 – Heading to Gymnastics class


October 2012 – Baking cookies, still one of our favourite activities


We had a wonderful Christmas which included lots of Santa talk and gifts. Caitlyn absolutely loved the holidays this year and I hope to write more on that later. Including a bit about her visit with her good friend Sophie. Leah came for a visit this week and since the left I think Caitlyn misses her new little friend.

Speaking of Leah, thank you SO MUCH for introducing me to Windows Live Writer. Using it now and so far so good. We’ll have to see how the post turns out once it’s live.

Happy holidays everyone! It’s good to be back Smile

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Growing Up

Here we are at the point where Caitlyn is getting a really great vocabulary and quite the personality to go with it. At school they did these little people with a picture of each child as the head. Caitlyn's caption was "my name is Caitlyn and I'm independent" that couldn't be more accurate.

Over the last few days I've been trying to keep track of all the cute things she comes up with. It's actually pretty amusing most of the time.

Her independence results in a lot of
"I do it!" and "No"

Here she is putting on Daddy's underwear all be herself. Cause "I do it"

Then there's:
"Woah Dude!"
"Goodnight Everybody"

The other day we were trying to figure out what to have for dinner and I mentioned picking up fried chicken, she interrupted me with: "I like fried chicken", I swear she hadn't had it more than once before.

She named her new rubber duck, "Polkaduck" rather inventive don't you think.

She also picks up our words a lot which results in her telling her stuffed animal "Lay down Lamb" and "Goodnight Lamb"

More "No" ensued when we tried to get her off the bike and it was time to go. Don't mind the hat head :)

My personal favorite was this morning when she exclaimed "No Daddy, I can read it!"  You sure can!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Family Time

Throughout the holidays life tends to get crazy busy. It feels like you're constantly running from one house to another visiting family and friends. While I thoroughly enjoy the time we spent with our friends and family (we certainly don't get enough) it is really nice for the three of us to be able to just spend some time together as a family. That's what we did this past Sunday!

Leah said it best when she talked about finding the simple inexpensive things to do together. After Caitlyn was sick for a full week she was feeling better this weekend. Sunday we took her to Storybook Gardens for the first time. It's an outdoor children's place with a bunch of animals and different things to look at. I'm sure it's much better in the summer but a bit of outdoor time was just what we needed today. So off we went.

She gets so excited to see all the different animals and tries to interact with them. Of course Mama Bear comes out and gets pretty nervous, but luckily Daddy was there to make sure she came home with all her fingers. It's so hard sometimes to sit back and let them explore while also making sure they stay safe. I'm sure that's something that most parents struggle with on a day to day basis. 

Something I've been wanting to do for a long time is get better at taking pictures. I have a really bad tendency to use the auto shoot feature on my Nikon D40 SLR camera all the time. So while we were out an about today I tried out Aperture mode. I think they turned out not too bad, in the next couple of pictures I definitely managed the blurry background I was going for. I'm hoping that sometime this year I'll get the time and $$ to take a photography workshop. It would be really great to get better at taking pictures of my family. 

They can't ALL be of Caitlyn now can they... 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of our outing. I certainly enjoyed taking them and being out and about with my awesome family! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Christmas Post

Oops, I'm a little late! But here it is the Christmas post. 

Christmas was a wonderful experience this year, Caitlyn was so much more interested in her presents and got really good at opening them. It's amazing what a difference just one year makes. While last year she sort of got into Christmas, this year she was all over it. Although it's been over a week now, she is still talking about Santa. That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how much I can point out that only good little girls get presents, this could be a good year after all :) 

We had a wonderful morning together then headed out to visit family.  She had a blast visiting with her grandparents and opening her presents. While I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, this is the second Christmas we #failed to get a family photo together. I did a get a few others that I'm happy to share. 

First off, me and my awesome nephew Logan. He is the biggest sweetheart and I can't get over his eyebrows. They give him the most expressive face. He's a great baby and so much fun. Can't wait until next year when he and Caitlyn are playing together. 

Grandma is in Caitlyn's good books but maybe not in ours :)

This music set is actually pretty awesome, it came with a guitar, drum, shaker thing and other noisy things. Pretty awesome and pretty loud. You'll see how much Caitlyn loves it a little later in the post. 

This year thanks to Pinterest., I made  a home made message centre, red pepper jelly and  apple butter for our family. I love making home made gifts for those closest to me. Just seeing their faces light up and knowing how much the appreciate it makes it all worth while. 

Can I just say that of all the possible gifts, home made ones are always the best! It's so awesome to know that someone spent time putting together a gift and it makes it that much more special. Enter the amazing matching Mother/Daughter aprons my Mom made for us this year. Unfortunately we weren't able to get a good Mother/Daughter picture but they are gorgeous. 

Tuckered out 

Caitlyn is a true Canadian and seems to love the snow and cold. She loves her new sled and we enjoyed taking her out to try it out in the backyard. We've got a tiny hill in our backyard which was a good first test of how Caitlyn liked her sled. She laughed and smiled so much while we were outside with her. 

Daddy was counting at the top of the hill. "One, Two, Three, Go". Caitlyn caught on really quick and she started calling out "One, Two, Go" yes forget the Three, just get me down that hill. Then she forgot about the count all together and it was just "Go".  At the bottom of the hill as soon as we would stop, she would call out "Again!!" 

Yes, she really loves that sled. 

As promised a little demo of Caitlyn and her music set. 

Rather than play the guitar, Caitlyn likes to push the demo button over and over and over again. Here's a short video of what happens when Daddy tried to take a nap on the couch. He says "thanks Grandma"