Sunday, February 3, 2013


After nearly 5 years in our condo we’ve completely outgrown it. The addition of our wonderful daughter and all her stuff has made it necessary to leave the life of Snow and Grass fairies (our landscape company) and look for a house of our own.

It is so important to me that Caitlyn have a yard where she can run and play and I don’t have to worry so much about other people’s dog poop or swing sets that aren’t maintained properly. I dream of being able to sit on a deck with a cold drink and just watch her climb on her own swing set.  Plus a second living space in the form of a finished basement with a play room would be fantastic. 

DSC_0108 (2)

Before we can actually buy a new house we need to get our condor ready for sale. The number of websites with advice on how to stage your home and what makes it more desirable to a buyer is insane. Google “how to sell a house” and you’ll back about 815,000,000 results. After sifting through what feels like a thousand of those sites I liked this CMHC one the best since it had a checklist of things to do. I’ve also come to the conclusion that most of the advice is the same: Remove clutter and clean. We’ve been working on that for a couple of weeks now and while I’m sure my local Value Village will be very happy with my donation, it seems like the job is never ending. There is stuff in closets that I haven’t seen in years and don’t get me started about our basement! I actually took two days off last week in order to get the bedrooms upstairs organized and looking their best. So. Much. Work. On the bright side the upstairs is show worthy and almost makes me want to keep living here… almost Smile 

My one piece of advice if you ever plan on spending two full days deep cleaning and moving stuff around your house, book a massage! By Friday evening every part of me was hurting, from my calves to my entire back and even my arms. I was so happy I had a massage scheduled that evening, the one regret was that it was only an hour long.

Today I leave you with this fantastic video Brock took the other day. He doesn’t want me to teach her how to say it properly because it’s pretty cute. I suppose I can let it be for a little longer, it is one of the only words she mispronounces after all.

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