Sunday, March 24, 2013


Yesterday was Caitlyn’s 3rd Birthday. 3 years since my wonderful little girl was born. 3 years since my life was forever changed and enriched by this little person with a big personality. I love her so very much.


We had a little party for our girl yesterday. Family and friends joined us to celebrate and have some fun. We went swimming, had a nice meal and some cake.


Hosting a birthday party is definitely not the easiest thing in the world and by the end of the day I was certainly exhausted. What made it all worthwhile was when my little 3 year old came to me to help her with her tights after swimming and she said to me “Mom, that was great”. Cue heart melting.

Her turning three is definitely a little nostalgic for me. I mean she’s growing up and next year she’ll be off to school. She’s now old enough to go to gymnastics without me. While that’s certainly a bonus in one sense, in the other, she’s getting older and doesn’t need my help as much. The last three years flew by so fast as I’m sure the next twenty will, the key is to enjoy it while it lasts and savour every sweet moment.


Happy Birthday Caitlyn!