Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer 2013

In Pictures

10K Race finished in 1:13:59


Strawberry Picking








Halloween in August


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We Moved!

I’m so late in writing this post, but I still wanted to do it now if anything to save the memories of our first home.


We listed our condo for sale Tuesday February 26th, 2013. Within hours we had a few showings scheduled and interest in our condo seemed high. It was overwhelming really how much interest we had, I knew that we would sell fast and the whole process went really well. I have to admit though, keeping the condo spotless while having a 3 year old is so hard. Overall we had 5 showings in 4 days.

Our dream of selling quickly came true and an offer came in Saturday March 2nd, 2013. By the next day the deal was signed, all we had to do was wait a couple of weeks for the home inspection and financing conditions to go through.  There were definitely some tense moments especially with the home inspection but overall the process went well. We said our last goodbye to our first home and closed May 21st, 2013.

Now that we’ve moved to our new home I still think back to the condo and all of the memories we have from there. So I thought I would take your for a tour.

The living room area where Brock and I would relax and entertain during our first few years in the condo. After Caitlyn was born it became her play area never to be free from clutter and children’s toys again. With the exception of the time we staged the house to sell.

We sat on that couch in that spot when we found out we were having a girl. 


The Kitchen where I cooked many a meal including my biggest Thanksgiving get together where we managed to fit 14 people into that little dining room area.

Caitlyn took her first step in that door way in front of the stove. She was 14 months old.



The spare bedroom where Brock proposed.


I walked down these very steps on our wedding day and saw my husband to be dressed up all handsome in his suit. I’ll never forget the love and joy I felt that day.


The master bedroom where dreams of having a family were turned into a reality.


Caitlyn’s room, we spent many a night reading stories and cuddling in that chair. We still do to this day.


The back deck where we would sit out after work drinking a beer. I was so proud of the deck Brock and I built together, it was a long weekend but one I very much enjoyed.


And so ends the tour of our first home. I have so many more memories than I can share in one blog post and I wouldn’t change any of them.

Looking forward to making even more memories in our new home that we moved into in May.

New house

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Yesterday was Caitlyn’s 3rd Birthday. 3 years since my wonderful little girl was born. 3 years since my life was forever changed and enriched by this little person with a big personality. I love her so very much.


We had a little party for our girl yesterday. Family and friends joined us to celebrate and have some fun. We went swimming, had a nice meal and some cake.


Hosting a birthday party is definitely not the easiest thing in the world and by the end of the day I was certainly exhausted. What made it all worthwhile was when my little 3 year old came to me to help her with her tights after swimming and she said to me “Mom, that was great”. Cue heart melting.

Her turning three is definitely a little nostalgic for me. I mean she’s growing up and next year she’ll be off to school. She’s now old enough to go to gymnastics without me. While that’s certainly a bonus in one sense, in the other, she’s getting older and doesn’t need my help as much. The last three years flew by so fast as I’m sure the next twenty will, the key is to enjoy it while it lasts and savour every sweet moment.


Happy Birthday Caitlyn!